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GD Services assists you in the management of your private administration.

Addressing the inhabitants of the different towns of the Pays de Gex and Haute Savoie, we offer a wide variety of services to free you from everyday inconvenience and to make your life easier. — Polyglots, discreet and efficient, we ensure the best results for your administrative management.

About Us

The Pays de Gex and Haute Savoie enjoy a privileged geographical location, fragments of France nestled between the Jura, the Alps, Lake Geneva and Geneva, the smallest of the major international capitals.

Dynamic, because of the economic attractiveness of neighboring Switzerland, international organizations and trade in Geneva, this territory is enriched every year by many newcomers who add to the hundreds of nationalities already living together on site.

Located in Divonne-les-Bains for nearly thirty years, we put our expertise and our experience at the service of our customers, as well as our strong network of partner companies.

Our goal is to facilitate the installation and the life of our customers in this beautiful region, by relieving them of all the administrative heaviness and by bringing the best solutions to their difficulties.

Our Services

Private Administration Management covers a wide range of services depending on your situation.

If you are planning to move to the area, if you are about to move in, if you live there, or if you have a second home, GD Services can adapt to your needs.

GD Services defends your interests by being your sole intermediary with the various organizations you are looking for:

a real estate agency

a banker for a financing

a notary for the deeds of ownership

a lawyer

an architect

a moving company

o register with your municipality and the different administrations

o import and register your vehicle

a competent representative at your bank, insurance or community

a French teacher, a school for your children

an electrician, a plumber, a carpenter, a gardener

to complete or translate documents, to renegotiate your annual contracts

an alarm system

to maintain your property or your vehicle

to benefit from a follow-up of your invoices

a guard service for your property

remote monitoring of your personal belongings

The list of our services
is not exhaustive.

We also offer you the possibility to benefit from a personal assistant.

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GD Services

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